The silk scarfs can be touched, looked at, tried on and felt in my office/showroom at Nørrebro/Cph, Denmark. Blegdamsvej 20  DK-2200 Copenhagen N

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Afsæt CPH/DK Scarf Edition #1 came out in late 2017. The four different patterns in this edition are working with the element “Fire”, this is especially seen in the use of the colors red, orange and many variations of blue. Even though the four different patterns are made out of different methods, environments, places, surfaces, and inspirations, they are combined by the colors and lightness. 

Each pattern is working on the subject of zooming in, blowing up, folding, different surfaces, and materials. 

The silk scarfs are made in two different sizes and two variations of silk.

90 x 90 cm Silk Twill and 180 x 108 cm Silk Chiffon

Each silk scarf comes in a thin white cardboard box, produced in a small Danish factory, wrapped in silk paper and labelled with name and size.

Each scarf is elegantly finished with a hand rolled hem.

The silk scarf has a brand name and the material of the pattern printed on as a part of the scarf. 

Edition #1 consist of following four patterns:

Chalk, Sugar and pigment / Orange

Chalk, Sugar and pigment / Blue

Rusty Tin Roof & Italien Rose

Folded Paper

About the designer:

Katrine Høyberg is educated as an Architect at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. Copenhagen, Denmark in 2008.

She works mainly in the field between Art, Design, Film and Architecture.

Katrine Høyberg is the owner of Afsæt / Graphic Design & Visual Communication. Specialized in print and web design and with design and staging of spatial issues where color and modeling of furniture and space interact with the surroundings and the users.

Small-scale, all kinds of material and the minor detail in them are being blown up in her optic and is often the outcome of the final product. Often the process is a part of her work and by using Montage as a method, the final “picture” has been through different steps and media.

Afsæt is a Danish word for stepping out over the edge. A Takeoff.